Barbara Ardenois is an accordion player.

Anneleen De Causmaecker is a visual artist.

Together they are ‘DUOBAAN’, a collective that works in and explores the fields of contemporary music, sound art, performance, words and visual art. Small, compact, close to the audience, challenging for mind and senses and slightly crazy.

Performed at Voorwaarts Maart Bijloke  Ghent (2015), Kunst ze (Anzegem), Festival l’accordeon moi j’aime (Tournai), Perignem Atlas #1 (Beernem), Soundfish Cultuurloft Ghent (2016), Festa della Musica Rome (ITA) 2016, Festival Vlaanderen Parklife Ghent (2016), SCOOP concert of the Concergebouw Brugge( 2017).

In 2015 they obtained a grant from the Flemish Government to further develop their oeuvre.

PROJECT 1 | Flashing van Arne Nordheim

Unexpected concert in random houses at Anzegem.

PROJECT 2 | Melodia van Toshio Hosokawa

Presented in the Perignem Studio’s.

PROJECT 3 – De Profundis van Sofia Gubaidulina

Presented at Voorwaarts Maart, En Avant Mars in 2015, Bijloke, Ghent.


Presented at Cultuurloft Ghent 2016

PROJECT 5 | Imaginary Landscape

Presented at Concertgebouw Brugge, April 9 2017

(pictures Trui Hanoulle)

PROJECT 6 | –> Push Pull <–

Presented at Concertgebouw Brugge, March 2020 – with Musica (Impulscentre for music)




wit vlak

wit vlak